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NSIS and InnoSetup are both open-source, license free installers. These are two of the most common installation platforms.  So which one should you choose for your software?

It is crucial to your software to find an installation platform that is simple and user-friendly but also customizable. We’ve blogged about the benefits of both NSIS and InnoSetup [...]


BetterInstaller offers deep integration for InnoSetup installers to cater to your needs.

We know that InnoSetup based installers are commonly used. This free installer offers unique features.

Why would you choose a InnoSetup based installer for Windows programs?

InnoSetup based installers have many benefits. These installers are efficient and come at no cost. InnoSetup creates a single exe file [...]

HTML 5 is the most updated version of the HTML technology language. There are currently 200 million active users of HTML 5. The HTML revisions have been created by the biggest leaders in technology, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Fb, IBM, HP, and Adobe. So what’s new about HTML 5 and why should you use [...]


So why is BetterInstaller the ideal solution for your installation needs? An extremely valuable benefit of BetterInstaller is the ability to instantly update your file in all locations with one single action. How does this work? Our services allow you to make changes to your .exe file on your very own server, which will continue [...]

So, what are the benefits of NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installers?

NSIS creates Windows installers with multiple capabilities for installing, uninstalling, and extracting files. NSIS is flexible in that it allows for a variety of installers to be created, from simple to complex. An advantage of NSIS is that is has a small overhead size [...]

With our simple integration, you can easily wrap any installer. Deep integration is available for Nsis and InnoSetup installers to suit your specific needs. Our platform is compatible with all major browsers.

Choose from the starter, gold, platinum, and enterprise plans.

Our services offer quick download time, simple integration, and unlimited design options.

Grow your business and increase revenue with our simple installation platform.

We offer an in house analytics system to give you the detailed reports you need to track your successful installs in real time. This way, you can always be up to date on where you stand!