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YouTube is a powerful social media tool you can use for sharing information about your services in a new media form, while achieving brand awareness and increasing distribution. With over 3 billion daily views, YouTube is considered the third most visited site in the world. So how do you make your video stand out in order to increase your traffic? There are many users who might be interested in your content but might never be able to find it in the plethora of information available on YouTube and Google.

Here we will provide you with the best tips for reaching high ranks, providing your viewers with the best information and bringing more traffic back to your site.

1. Content, content, content

Content is king! Treat your YouTube video content with as much attention as you give to your website content.

In order to turn YouTube viewers into website visitors, you must go through the important steps of pampering your YouTube video content. First, create a clear and concise title that is catchy and appeals to user interest. Also add captions and comments throughout the video- this is a great opportunity to add URL links to your downloader or new versions of your software.

Next, spend time working on your description. The video description should be direct and to the point, including 5-6 keywords related to the field. Use a keyword generator like Google Ad Words to find the most searched keywords. Make sure to include the URL link back to your site and to your downloader- it is recommended to place these URL links as the first line of the description. These URL links should be combined with a compelling call to action, such as ‘go to our website to enjoy the newest version of our software!’ Adding these links will bring more traffic to your site and aid to your search engine optimization (SEO) to come up higher on Google search ranks.

Lastly, create tags based on the related keywords you have found. The tags are also helpful for SEO in order for viewers to find your content in a search.

2. Customize

With YouTube videos, you have customizable options such as thumbnails and overlay banners. You have the ability to choose your thumbnail, so make it a catchy one! Use this opportunity to advertise your brand and logo. The overlay is a banner that is presented on the bottom of the screen as the video starts to play. You can choose the image and banner content here at

Video comments are important- they show that your video is popular among users and interesting enough for viewers to discuss. Encourage viewers to share their comments on your video!

3. Distribute

Now that you have posted your video with a catchy title, description, and other customizable content, it is time to spread the word! Post the video on your own site and all of your social media profiles to gain the most exposure.

Share your video on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and encourage your followers to do the same! This way, you will distribute your video content, create brand awareness, and increase exposure all at once!

Now get to it! :-)

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