InnoSetup Features

March 29, 2012


BetterInstaller offers deep integration for InnoSetup installers to cater to your needs.

We know that InnoSetup based installers are commonly used. This free installer offers unique features.

Why would you choose a InnoSetup based installer for Windows programs?

InnoSetup based installers have many benefits. These installers are efficient and come at no cost. InnoSetup creates a single exe file in which you can use to install your application on other computers. This saves you the hassle of creating multiple files for Windows Operating Systems.

Another valuable aspect of InnoSetup based installers is that they can be customized. You can customize your setup type and specify options for both installation and removal. How? You are able to add advanced install and uninstall options using the integrated pascal scripting engine. For installation, you have the option to create shortcuts. The script for this installer is created by Script Wizard. For uninstalling, you have the ability to specify uninstall options according to how you see fit.

InnoSetup is valued by users because they are able to run other programs before, during, and even after the installation. Software developers value InnoSetup because it is a free and customizable option. For all these reasons, we have chosen to offer to integrate with InnoSetup based installers. The BetterInstaller solution caters to your specific preferences. We want you to put in the minimal effort and in turn receive the maximum amount of revenue!

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