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So why is BetterInstaller the ideal solution for your installation needs? An extremely valuable benefit of BetterInstaller is the ability to instantly update your file in all locations with one single action. How does this work? Our services allow you to make changes to your .exe file on your very own server, which will continue to automatically download your latest version each time. Any downloader that is out there will always fetch the same file so in essence it will keep your downloader updated instantly.  This shortens download time and increases efficiency. Say goodbye to the redundant process of making manual updates to each individual download site. This single update procedure will allow you to update your files at any team with minimum effort and maximum ease!

Many other installation platforms do not offer this quick and efficient method. Instead, they require you to make changes to each file, which is a very slow and difficult process. If you are looking for quick download time, then you want a service that allows you to make changes in one instance. The BetterInstaller platform offers this unique advantage.

Our services are free and designed to earn you more revenue from each and every install. Click here to learn about our partner plans and select from the Starter, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise plans. The instant update feature is just one of the many features BetterInstaller has to offer. All plans come included with HTML5 installer, multi thread connections, Amazon S3 CDN, install analytics, and INNO/NSIS SDK at no extra charge. Sign up for free and start maximizing your monetization today.

*If you are looking for an installer with deep integration, we offer integration with NSIS and InnoSetup installers. To learn more about these installers, click here.

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