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BetterInstaller now offers the LightBox, an innovative new product in the form of a content blocker. This new product allows you to easily turn website visitors into members and control your content. Differentiate between first time users and premium members with the LightBox.

So how does it work?

When a user gets to your website and begins to browse for premium content, they will encounter the LightBox.

Once the user accepts the offer and installs your widget, they will gain free access to any protected page on your site!

As long as the user has this widget installed, they will have access to these protected pages.


The LightBox has many benefits for you as a site owner and for your users. As a site owner, you can gain control over your own content. Only provide access to your premium content to users who install the LightBox widget. Other benefits include increasing your returning traffic and expanding your returning user database. This widget icon is always visible on the user’s browser, so the LightBox enables you to increase engagement. Generate revenue from each premium user without charging them anything!

Your users will also benefit from this product, as the widget acts as a quick link to you site. Users will no longer have to remember your URL every time they want to return to your site and enjoy premium content.

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The installed widget can be customized with your logo to strengthen your brand. Achieve maximum exposure with a widget which displays your logo at all times. Once installed, users will be able to access your site’s home page at any time with just one click. Increase your site traffic by gaining more returning users. The LightBox is non-intrusive, as the offer is presented in a single instance and users have complete freedom to choose to accept or reject the offer to become a premium member.

Choose which content you show to first time users and which content you offer exclusively to premium members. This unique benefit enables you to better cater to your audience and increase your conversion rates.

Who is the LightBox solution for?

The LightBox content blocker is ideal for any website who wants to build a membership base for their website without having to charge users. If you are looking to turn frequent or passerby visitors into premium members, then the LightBox is the right solution for you!

Why should you choose the LightBox?

If you want to increase your site traffic and gain a larger user community, then the LightBox is just the thing. Keep your users happy and monitor who has access to your original content. If users sign up when the offer is presented, they will be able to freely access your website content through the widget again and again. Increase your PR and branding with the LightBox solution.

How do you integrate the LightBox?

LightBox integration is easy- it only requires one line of code to go live everywhere in 5 minutes or less!

If you would like to get started, please contact us for more details.

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