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What’s with the Cloud?

What’s with the cloud? If you have been working in the technology field lately, you’ve surely heard of the cloud. But what is this cloud trend and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Cloud computing refers to a network of virtual servers on the internet. Sound revolutionary? Think back to utility computing: this sharing of resources initially seemed controversial at the time, but gradually the trend caught on. This resource sharing concept ended up reducing costs and offering larger amounts of storage than ever before. Similar to utility computing, cloud computing involves sharing more updated resources in order to decrease download time. Cloud computing allows you to add capabilities without all the hassle of new infrastructure, finding new man power, or licensing new software.

The cloud computing model offers software applications, data management, data access, computation and storage. At first glance, this may not sound so safe and secure, but the best part is that users of the cloud cannot discover the location or other specifics of the computing infrastructure at hand. The main advantage of the cloud is that applications can run faster with less maintenance. Additionally, IT resources such as storage, service, and networks can be easily adjusted.

Cloud computing at its core is essentially the concept of shared services. Still in its early stages, it cannot be determined whether the cloud is the future of computing, but this model has gained significant popularity and does seem to be heading in the right direction. Google apps such as Google Maps and the Google Apps Engine, the U.S Postal Service, Yahoo Pipes, Force.com, Rearden Commerce, and Ariba are just a few examples of companies with cloud based computing.

BetterInstaller has chosen to use the cloud computing model for all these reasons and more. This way, we can provide companies with free file hosting as well as the independence they need. We understand the importance of a fast download time for users. With our innovative solution combined with the aid of cloud computing, companies can easily control their own resources.  With the cloud, installers are always ready for users to download at a moment’s notice.

Cloud Based Installers

Cloud computing reduces the cost to you and provides the independence you require. With cloud based installers, you are in control of your own resources and have the ability to monitor the performance of your installer with ease.