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What’s new about HTML 5?

HTML 5 is the most updated version of the HTML technology language. There are currently 200 million active users of HTML 5. The HTML revisions have been created by the biggest leaders in technology, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Fb, IBM, HP, and Adobe. So what’s new about HTML 5 and why should you use it for your site?

HTML 5 has brand new features that allow you to create websites with functionality and ease. These features play on the web’s strengths of connectivity and interactivity. First of all, the HTML markup language, CSS3, and JavaScript APIs have all been revised and improved. CSS3 offers new properties, animations, shadow effects, and downloadable fonts for a variety of choices.

Another important revision of HTML is its ability to serve as a platform for multimedia and graphics of all kind, including 2D and 3D animations and videos. This high performance feature is a unique benefit to HTML 5. Now you can easily add graphics to your site. In addition, now the JavaScript enables you to run these graphics in real time so HTML is faster than ever. If you’ve been overwhelmed by JavaScript in the past, give it another chance. JavaScript has been improved to be more user friendly.

A new feature of HTML 5 is its offline aspect. Apps are able to work without an online connection for the first time. Develop your web apps with local data storage, local file access, local SQL database, and Javascript workers. New semantic elements of HTML 5 include new elements for headers, footers, menus, sections, and articles. So why choose HTML5? HTML 5 gives you a single and safe technology platform to customize each form factor for different browsers. The HTML security standards are higher, making your website safer. With easy upkeep, HTML 5 makes for an overall beneficial experience.

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