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What is a False Positive

There’s an old saying that goes “No one is perfect,” and virus scanner are no exception to that rule. Sometimes they flag clean software as being infected, either with a virus, or spam or adware.  These are commonly known as False Positives

Why Do False Positive Happen

There are several reasons why this could happen. The anti-virus software was built to find software that acts like a virus, that is, it’s spreading rapidly, and sometimes seemingly at random. When it detects this, it will issue a flag. However, just because a file may act like a virus, doesn’t make it a virus.

BetterInstaller powers over 10 million downloads per month, all over the world, the virus scanner may see some of these as a spreading virus, when in fact all our software is completely free of any viruses, spam, adware and malware. Most virus detection companies are aware of false positives and make it easy for companies such as ours to report them. Therefore, if you’ve received a false positive alert you can submit it to us, by filling out the form below, and we will contact the virus detection company immediately. Please fill out as much information as you can, including screenshots of the false detection.

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