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Benefits of NSIS Installers

So, what are the benefits of NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installers?

NSIS creates Windows installers with multiple capabilities for installing, uninstalling, and extracting files. NSIS is flexible in that it allows for a variety of installers to be created, from simple to complex. An advantage of NSIS is that is has a small overhead size so it is faster and more efficient. Additionally, NSIS is compatible with all major versions of Windows. If you are looking for an ideal Windows installer package, NSIS is the way to go. This professional system comes built with plug-ins and pre-defined scripts for convenience.

What makes NSIS unique? NSIS has a powerful script language specifically designed for installers. The install screens have a professional design. If you want your installer to be the best it can be with customized options, NSIS is a great choice.

Does BetterInstaller offer integration for NSIS installers?

BetterInstaller offers deep integration for NSIS installers to cater to your needs. BetterInstaller is the perfect solution for your internet distribution needs. Sign up for BetterInstaller for free today and start earning revenue from each and every install. Read more about our Partner Plans here.