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What are PAD files?

What are PAD files and why should you use them?

PAD refers to a portable application description, which takes files and converts them to a machine readable document format. Converting the files to a standard format simplifies everything for both authors and webmasters. This way, they can automatically program listings and product information to be the most updated. Another benefit of PAD files is that they allow authors to provide product descriptions and other specifications to a single online source. These specifications may include system requirements, price, contact information, file names, download URLs, and more.

How do PAD files work? Converting to PAD files is free and easy. The Association of Shareware Professionals has made free tools to help you create and modify your files. The standardized PAD format allows you to get your software listed on as many sites as possible in a short amount of time. The files are attribute-free so there is no complicated syntax. Some commonly known sites that use PAD files include Softonic, FileGuru, SharewareConnection, FileBuzz, Smartcode, and more! You can be sure that PAD files are safe because they are required to pass a validation test before they can be updated.

Better Installer wants to help promote our partners and their marketing efforts as much as possible. We encourage our partners to convert to PAD files for a higher chance of distribution. If you want your software listed on as many sites as possible, PAD files are the way to go. Our goal is to help you with your business and start earning revenue today. We recommend submitting information about your software to the Association of Shareware Professionals database of over 5000 sites and online resources for review and publication. Also include your files to this software submission platform here to submit your software products to all of the available download sites.

InnoSetup Features


BetterInstaller offers deep integration for InnoSetup installers to cater to your needs.

We know that InnoSetup based installers are commonly used. This free installer offers unique features.

Why would you choose a InnoSetup based installer for Windows programs?

InnoSetup based installers have many benefits. These installers are efficient and come at no cost. InnoSetup creates a single exe file in which you can use to install your application on other computers. This saves you the hassle of creating multiple files for Windows Operating Systems.

Another valuable aspect of InnoSetup based installers is that they can be customized. You can customize your setup type and specify options for both installation and removal. How? You are able to add advanced install and uninstall options using the integrated pascal scripting engine. For installation, you have the option to create shortcuts. The script for this installer is created by Script Wizard. For uninstalling, you have the ability to specify uninstall options according to how you see fit.

InnoSetup is valued by users because they are able to run other programs before, during, and even after the installation. Software developers value InnoSetup because it is a free and customizable option. For all these reasons, we have chosen to offer to integrate with InnoSetup based installers. The BetterInstaller solution caters to your specific preferences. We want you to put in the minimal effort and in turn receive the maximum amount of revenue!

Instantly Update Your Files with BetterInstaller


So why is BetterInstaller the ideal solution for your installation needs? An extremely valuable benefit of BetterInstaller is the ability to instantly update your file in all locations with one single action. How does this work? Our services allow you to make changes to your .exe file on your very own server, which will continue to automatically download your latest version each time. Any downloader that is out there will always fetch the same file so in essence it will keep your downloader updated instantly.  This shortens download time and increases efficiency. Say goodbye to the redundant process of making manual updates to each individual download site. This single update procedure will allow you to update your files at any team with minimum effort and maximum ease!

Many other installation platforms do not offer this quick and efficient method. Instead, they require you to make changes to each file, which is a very slow and difficult process. If you are looking for quick download time, then you want a service that allows you to make changes in one instance. The BetterInstaller platform offers this unique advantage.

Our services are free and designed to earn you more revenue from each and every install. Click here to learn about our partner plans and select from the Starter, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise plans. The instant update feature is just one of the many features BetterInstaller has to offer. All plans come included with HTML5 installer, multi thread connections, Amazon S3 CDN, install analytics, and INNO/NSIS SDK at no extra charge. Sign up for free and start maximizing your monetization today.

*If you are looking for an installer with deep integration, we offer integration with NSIS and InnoSetup installers. To learn more about these installers, click here.

Benefits of NSIS Installers

So, what are the benefits of NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installers?

NSIS creates Windows installers with multiple capabilities for installing, uninstalling, and extracting files. NSIS is flexible in that it allows for a variety of installers to be created, from simple to complex. An advantage of NSIS is that is has a small overhead size so it is faster and more efficient. Additionally, NSIS is compatible with all major versions of Windows. If you are looking for an ideal Windows installer package, NSIS is the way to go. This professional system comes built with plug-ins and pre-defined scripts for convenience.

What makes NSIS unique? NSIS has a powerful script language specifically designed for installers. The install screens have a professional design. If you want your installer to be the best it can be with customized options, NSIS is a great choice.

Does BetterInstaller offer integration for NSIS installers?

BetterInstaller offers deep integration for NSIS installers to cater to your needs. BetterInstaller is the perfect solution for your internet distribution needs. Sign up for BetterInstaller for free today and start earning revenue from each and every install. Read more about our Partner Plans here.

What’s with the Cloud?

What’s with the cloud? If you have been working in the technology field lately, you’ve surely heard of the cloud. But what is this cloud trend and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Cloud computing refers to a network of virtual servers on the internet. Sound revolutionary? Think back to utility computing: this sharing of resources initially seemed controversial at the time, but gradually the trend caught on. This resource sharing concept ended up reducing costs and offering larger amounts of storage than ever before. Similar to utility computing, cloud computing involves sharing more updated resources in order to decrease download time. Cloud computing allows you to add capabilities without all the hassle of new infrastructure, finding new man power, or licensing new software.

The cloud computing model offers software applications, data management, data access, computation and storage. At first glance, this may not sound so safe and secure, but the best part is that users of the cloud cannot discover the location or other specifics of the computing infrastructure at hand. The main advantage of the cloud is that applications can run faster with less maintenance. Additionally, IT resources such as storage, service, and networks can be easily adjusted.

Cloud computing at its core is essentially the concept of shared services. Still in its early stages, it cannot be determined whether the cloud is the future of computing, but this model has gained significant popularity and does seem to be heading in the right direction. Google apps such as Google Maps and the Google Apps Engine, the U.S Postal Service, Yahoo Pipes, Force.com, Rearden Commerce, and Ariba are just a few examples of companies with cloud based computing.

BetterInstaller has chosen to use the cloud computing model for all these reasons and more. This way, we can provide companies with free file hosting as well as the independence they need. We understand the importance of a fast download time for users. With our innovative solution combined with the aid of cloud computing, companies can easily control their own resources.  With the cloud, installers are always ready for users to download at a moment’s notice.

Simple Integration

With our simple integration, you can easily wrap any installer. Deep integration is available for Nsis and InnoSetup installers to suit your specific needs. Our platform is compatible with all major browsers.

Multi Thread CDN

Shorten your installer download time and increase user satisfaction. Instead of using a slow download connection, our services will enable your users to quickly download your new installer from multiple servers nearby!

Cloud Based Installers

Cloud computing reduces the cost to you and provides the independence you require. With cloud based installers, you are in control of your own resources and have the ability to monitor the performance of your installer with ease.