What are PAD files?

April 2, 2012

What are PAD files and why should you use them?

PAD refers to a portable application description, which takes files and converts them to a machine readable document format. Converting the files to a standard format simplifies everything for both authors and webmasters. This way, they can automatically program listings and product information to be the most updated. Another benefit of PAD files is that they allow authors to provide product descriptions and other specifications to a single online source. These specifications may include system requirements, price, contact information, file names, download URLs, and more.

How do PAD files work? Converting to PAD files is free and easy. The Association of Shareware Professionals has made free tools to help you create and modify your files. The standardized PAD format allows you to get your software listed on as many sites as possible in a short amount of time. The files are attribute-free so there is no complicated syntax. Some commonly known sites that use PAD files include Softonic, FileGuru, SharewareConnection, FileBuzz, Smartcode, and more! You can be sure that PAD files are safe because they are required to pass a validation test before they can be updated.

Better Installer wants to help promote our partners and their marketing efforts as much as possible. We encourage our partners to convert to PAD files for a higher chance of distribution. If you want your software listed on as many sites as possible, PAD files are the way to go. Our goal is to help you with your business and start earning revenue today. We recommend submitting information about your software to the Association of Shareware Professionals database of over 5000 sites and online resources for review and publication. Also include your files to this software submission platform here to submit your software products to all of the available download sites.

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